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I have always known I would become a lawyer. I imagined myself at the court room giving fiery speeches, preparing multi-pages arguments and conducting doctrine battles for the purpose of the case at hand. Pragmatism won with a time – testing usefulness of my knowledge in practice and observing the effects. Live! It turned out to be much more fun.

I work with the business: I hear them, I learn their needs, analyze and translate into legalese. I see the legal risks everywhere, however they do not block me, they stimulate me to search unconventional solutions. I participate in decision making process, understand the business goals and share my ideas. I never give up.

I work with the client’s team, do not speak ex cathedra. Being part of the team helps to get down to brass tacks, even if it was to turn the project upside down. It pays off. I have experienced it.

I invest in long-term relationships. I think of myself as of an external in-house lawyer. Not being on the payroll allows me to advise straight in the eyes.

my bio

Proud graduate of the IIIrd Bilingual Secondary School in Gdynia, where I experienced best study years and the utmost school of thinking. I studied law at the University of Gdańsk and completed with A grade. Participated in one-year Socrates-Erasmus Programme at the University of Cologne, Germany. This year opened me linguistically, culturally and legally and I profited from it all in my future work in the international environment and cooperation with lawyers from various countries.

There is no better way for the junior lawyer than to start in a law firm. KRPiA Sopot and Deloitte Legal where first law firm when I got to understand what is actually hidden behind the legal profession and developed my workshop.

Then I became capital markets’ enthusiast. Years in the Copernicus Capital Group – brokerage house and investment funds managing company allowed me to collect various experience from the area of functioning of the financial institutions and building expert knowledge about investment funds. I also learned how to work with clients from various business areas (i.a. receivables’ and real estate management) and how to build relationships with them. And some of them still last.

Crido Legal. In terms of legal expertise, this was the time of intensive work on creating efficient solutions for the clients. But it was also about the experience of team management and being responsible for the outcome of the work of many involved lawyers. And what seems most important to me, a feeling of having a group of satisfied clients and being appreciated.

DFC. The most interesting, as most diversified period of my professional work. A lot was going on and I have learned a lot too. I successfully became a part of the international and multicultural team and proved that the basic tool in the lawyer’s profession is, after all, open mind, interpersonal skills and experience.

Lexperience. After all this adventures, there came a time to build my own portfolio of clients who trusted me and entrusted me with their key matters. It was the right moment to make a good use of all experience gained in the law firms and corporations, finally under my own brand with a highest professional diligence guaranteed. Being professional, being open-minded these are my trademarks.



Phone: +48 609 595 335

E-mail: amitrega@lexperience.pl