Strona głowna - Lexperience
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Business set-up

It is difficult to begin. We all know it. Entrust the legal side of the project to a professional and put all your effort into the business side. Invest in good start to avoid typical problems at the later stage. There is a lot we can do for you.

Business as usual

There is always so much to do. New business partner. New product/sales channel. Outsourcing. Marketing. It all involves contract negotiations. And a contract needs to ensure your safety, if things get complicated latter. We will help you to foresee them and will secure you contractually.

Corporate governance

Shareholders’ Meeting resolutions. Board/Supervisory Board Meetings. Intragroup agreements. Paperwork you cannot skip. We know how to get it done.

Investments and reorganisations

Business is growing. New opportunities arise. Possible transaction. Don’t miss the moment. Don’t stay behind. Adapt your organization to the new reality. Merge, separate, integrate. We have the relevant (L)experience.


Financial Services and Financial Institutions, Investment Funds, Consumer Finance, Consumer Credit Financing, Receivables and Securitization, SME Finance, Bond Issues, e-commerce



Phone: +48 609 595 335